Janloup Bernard

La Fémis | Paris, France

Janloup Bernard (born in 1990) graduated from a master degree in social anthropology in Lyon after having studied in Detroit the social mobilizations of the Mexican community. In September 2015, he joined the directing department in La Fémis. Since that, he directed four short films: Reprise (Documentary), The Ardents (Fiction, Poitiers Film Festival), Last Summer (Fiction) and Far away from south (Fiction).


France, 2018, 14 min

A house in a lost village somewhere in France. Janloup Bernard paints in his film a bleak picture of four young people living in that house and going through difficult times. Their house used to be full with people and the group wanted to change the world. Abel, the eldest and group leader, left the place and with him all their ideals start to break down. Tension increases between Joseph, Ulysee, Camille and Leo. What will they do without Abel?Janloup Bernard