Alejo Moguillansky


Réalisateur : Alejo Moguillansky

Pays : Argentine
Genre : Fiction
Durée : 100′
État avancement : Développement

Budget : 340 000

Société production : El Pampero Cine
Producteur : Iván Granovsky

Filmographie production
OSTENDE / Laura Citarella / 2011 / 90’
OCIO / Alejandro Lingenti, Juan villegas / 2010 / 80’
CASTRO / Alejo Moguillansky / 2009 / 90’
HISTORIAS EXTRAORDINARIAS / Mariano Llinas / 2008 / 250’
EL HOMBRE ROBADO / Matias Piñeiro / 2007 / 80’
BALNEARIOS /Mariano Llinas / 2003 / 80’

The submarine war is a war fantasy, mixing documentary rushes on the Argentinian Army, and a fiction: a troop during a Civil War in our days. The film imagines a submarine war, and locates it in Paraná river, main scenario of the battles during the 19th Century Argentine Secesión Wars:
Civil War, Argentina. The Government has lost control over the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers bank. The City of Buenos Aires suffers a naval and land siege in the hands of The Coalition. On the other side, a militarized Resistance come up from the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe, dominating a long stretch of the Paraná: “The Resistant Paraná”. Two sides then: The Coalition and The Resistance. The film follows Miss Chomet’s troop (as in a Civil War, man and women take part of it), all along the riverside, walking down the Paraná river until their final combat in Río de la Plata.
Many characters compound this quixotic war fantasy, sometimes turned into a sentimental comedy, or kind of absurd comedy of errors.
Once and again, fiction is interrupted by documentary rushes on the ancient Argentinian Army training for a non exitsing war: mock combats, militar parades, marine corps interviewed.
A fiction about a war. A documentary on the Argentinian Army. War, History, present ¿where’s fiction?
Alejo Moguillansky

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Alejo Moguillansky

Filmographie CASTRO / 2009 / 90’ BORGES / SANTIAGO / 2008 / 80’ NUEVE PEQUEÑOS FILMS SOBRE AQUILEA / 2008 / 90’ LA PRISIONERA / 2006 / 80’



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