Francisco Dias

Universidade Católica Portuguesa | Porto, Portugal

Francisco Dias was born in 1999 in Porto, Portugal. Since 2017, he has been directing short films which reflect upon coming of age, human relationships and landscape. In 2019, he studied at Volda University College in Norway for a semester, where he directed the fiction In Sanity: Sadness & Joy. In 2020, he completed his Bachelor’s in Sound and Image at Universidade Católica Portuguesa having directed I Don’t Like 5 PM, which won the Take One competition of Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival. He is currently studying for his Master’s in Cinema at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. MAREMÓRIA / 2018/ 11 MINS WHEN THE FOREST WHISPERS / 2019 / 9 MINS IN SANITY: SADNESS & JOY / 2019 / 17 MINS TOBACCONIST’S / 2020 / 8 MINS I DON’T LIKE 5 PM / 2020 / 9 MINS

I Don’t Like 5 PM

Portugal / 2020 / 9'

The past is misleading and memories are usually unreliable. How does one revisit a previous relationship from the distance of time? I Don’t Like 5 PM poetically recreates the story of a first love through fragments of images, sounds and a sparse narration, in which the viewer is invited to the fill in the gaps of this memory.Francisco Dias