Faeze Karimpour

La Fémis | Paris, France

Faeze Karimpour is a young Iranian artist. She graduated from Tehran University of Arts. After a bachelor’s degree in cinema at the University of Paris 8 in France, she joined the La Fémis directing program in 2018. In 2020, she made the short documentary Bahar shot in Tehran and Paris. Her last film is They Wanted to Cross the River, a short fiction. Currently she is preparing a short film shot entirely in the streets of Paris. MATINÉE D’IVRESSE / 2019 / 9’ BAHAR/ 2020 / 21’ THEY WANTED TO CROSS THE RIVER / 2021 / 27’


France / 2020 / 21'

Three sisters. Through the intimate, our memories, short moments of life, and our three experiences, With this film I try to paint a fragmented portrait of this exiled Iranian youth. Water, that of the Seine, the city by night, Paris and Tehran, images intersect, as do our voices. From absence to acceptance, the idea is to expand a variation around a feeling.Faeze Karimpour