Malou Six

Aix-Marseille Université | France

Malou Six is a filmmaker and PhD student. She was introduced to film techniques through analog photography and projection in associative places such as La Clef Revival in Paris and Le Videodrome 2 in Marseille. She then joined the Labo L'argent, a collaborative laboratory, where she hand-developed the super 8mm shots from her short documentary Corps Tannés (2024). She tries to link her artistic practice to her research. Her PhD studies focus on the poetics and politics of artisanal and alternative practices within contemporary film production in France. She is also a member of a collective of women directors, with whom she is currently co-writing a feature-length fiction film.

Worn Bodies

France / 2024 / 19’

At nightfall, the boxers of the La Frapppppe collective are training in a parc in Marseille. Bodies are set into motion and start shaping a community of gestures, sensations, and emotions.

Malou Six