Juliana Moska & Zdeňka Petrová

FAMU | Czech Republic

Juliana Moska (1994) was born in Prague. However, she spent part of her life in Poland, where she studied directing at the Film School in Łódź. She is a director of short films as Mirror (2019), Animot (2021), Chronicle of Jarek Kamiński (2022) and an actress. Her last role was in the British biopic One Life (2023). She loves dance and improvisation. In her experimental work she looks for a combination of theater and film.

Zdeňka Petrová is a student of the scriptwriting and editing department at FAMU Prague. She has been writing series for Czech Television and MAURfilms, she has written numerous feature and short scripts during her studies, f.e. for a student film Amori Dolori (2022). She is also an actress, her last role was in the Czech film Brutal Heat (2023). She is professionally involved in dubbing. She loves dancing, reality TV and musical theater.

The Longest Dream Lasts 45 Minutes

Czech Republic / 2024 / 14’

A symphonic poem that explores what is not normally visible and tangible; our unconscious. It takes us through the dead landscape of memories and dreams where a granddaughter meets her forgetful grandmother. In what kind of world does she live, if with the next minute she forget what she has just said? When did you arrive, she asks. Maybe you never arrived.

Juliana Moska, Zdeňka Petrová