Noussnouss B.

Lab DZ | Algeria

A reformed entrepreneur after a decade in the Tech industry, Nousnouss B. succumbed to the urge of writing and filmmaking in 2023. She first joined Room25, a writing residency during which she developed the script for an animated short film, then the documentary creation laboratory of Algeria -LabDz-, through which she directed Ça aurait pu être un film. Driven by her passion, she is now pursuing her path with a debut feature-length documentary, currently in development.

It Could Have Been a Film

Algeria / 2023 / 13’

What could have been a film turns into an absurd quest to relive and capture the elusive. Between the images that should have been and those that are, fragments of a poem, the last remains of past emotion, guide this personal exploration of the duality between artistic intention and the unpredictability of human experience.

Noussnouss B.