Achref Toumi

ESAC | Tunisia

Achref Toumi is a Tunisian director based in France. He recently graduated from the École Supérieure de l'Audiovisuel et du Cinéma (ESAC) with a Master's degree in filmmaking. His family and roots in Tunisia, as well as his country's aesthetics, are at the heart of his artistic work. He describes his cinematic practice as a means of preserving and archiving disappearing elements. He has made four short documentaries, which have been shown at festivals such as the Gabes Cinema Fen Festival (Tunisia, 2022), Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage (Tunis, 2020), Ortometraggi Film Festival (Italy, 2021) and Vision du réel Film market (Switzerland, 2023). His work has also been exhibited at major art events, including the Ce n'est qu'à la tombée du jour event at Galerie Kadist in Paris and the Injurier le soleil exhibition at 32Bis, curated by Camille Lévy Sarfati. He is currently studying at the Fresnoy School of Contemporary Arts in the Vera Molnar class.

Generous Bodies

Tunisia / 2024 / 8’

In a neighbourhood in Bhar Lazrak, Tunis, residents live under the imminent threat of the state, which plans to demolish the area. Built spontaneously during the 2011 revolution by a group of people without state authorisation, the neighbourhood now faces an uncertain fate. One evening, mysterious lights appear in the neighbourhood, breaking the silence of the sleepers.

Achref Toumi