Aida Kaadan

Philistine Films | Palestine

Born in 1994, Aida Kaadan is a filmmaker and screenwriter with a decade of experience in film production and cinema studies. She studied Film Studies and Directing at Tel Aviv University's Steve Tisch School of Film and Television. Aida made her directorial debut at 22 with Strawberry, winning multiple awards at renowned film festivals. In November 2021, she completed screenwriting and cinematography research with Le GREC Film Essays and Research Group in Corsica, France. Aida is an active member of Rawiyat: Sisters in Film MENA region group. Currently, Aida is completing her second short film.

Dear Fanon, Who am I?

In progress

Anonymous Indigenous Palestinians within 1948 borders reflect on their daily life and dual realities under colonization, forming an indirect conversation with Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth. 76 years post-Nakba, anonymous youth under 30 share thoughts, secrets, and their fractured identity living among oppressors. Although very different, by revealing their emotions and reflections, they weave a complex narrative. Intertwined with Fanon’s analysis the work asks: How can we grasp Palestinians’ experiences within 1948 borders?

Aida Kaadan