FOCUS 2022 / Portugal

Patrícia Faria / Producer

Uma pedra no sapato (a stone in the shoe) is based in Lisbon, founded by filmmaker Filipa Reis in 2008 with the aim of making films that become part of Portuguese film history, with an impact across borders and cultures, through strong relationships with directors and rich creative production processes. UPNS films’ premiere in major festivals, followed by theatrical release, TV broadcast and VoD distribution. The company is currently producing international coproduction features by award- winning Portuguese directors Miguel Gomes, Margarida Cardoso, Pedro Pinho, Marco Martins, Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra, José Filipe Costa and Paulo Abreu and developing debut features by young talent Leonor Teles (Golden Bear Berlinale Shorts 2016), Maureen Fazendeiro, Duarte Coimbra, Sofia Bost, Ágata Pinho, Aya Koretzky and Takashi Sugimoto. The company produces episodic content and non-fiction programs for TV through its brand VENDE-SE FILMES. Filipa Reis is a member of EAVE, Eurodoc and Emerging Producers networks. Patrícia Faria collaborates with the company as development producer since 2014.

Office: +351 211 913 524

Directed by Sofia Bost / 90’ / Project status: development / Production: Uma Pedra no Sapato (Portugal) / Budget: 860 000 € / Acquired budget: 30 000 €

1997. Vera is an introverted ten year old that lives with her mother Luísa in Lisbon. Christian, her estranged French father, only visits once a year. But this summer he invites Vera to come to his house in France. Vera hesitates, realising she doesn’t really know Christian. They don’t even have a common language. Will Vera finally connect with her father? What are the effects of fatherlessness in one’s life?

Directed by Aya Koretzky / 80’ / Project status: early development / Production: Uma Pedra no Sapato (Portugal) / Budget: 800 000 € / Acquired budget: 30 000 €

In imperial Russia, Pjotr goes to civil war at the age of 15 to defend the Tsar. While the bolsheviks gain ground he deserts on horseback, leaving behind his mother and brothers. After three years without news from her son, his mother thinks Pjotr is dead until she receives a letter from him. On exhile, Pjotr reads his mother’s letters while he tries to detach from former motherland. This family is revisited through the eyes of Pjotr’s granddaughter, Aya, intertwining facts and dreams, times and generations.

Directed by Duarte Coimbra / 110’ / Project status: development / Production: Uma Pedra no Sapato (Portugal) / Budget: 810 000 € / Acquired budget : 30 000 €

Beijinhos Infinitos / The XOXOs goes through many forms of love. In 2022, young adults search for a place in the city and in cinema. In 2005, adventurous teenagers become entangled in an enchanted medieval-era plot that dares to ask: «What if João César Monteiro directed a teen soap opera?