FOCUS 2021 / Belgique

Vincent Stroep and Ulrike Lindmayr

Escautville is a production and distribution platform based in Antwerp. Escautville was founded in 2011 by artists Wim Catrysse, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Ria Pacquée, Frank Theys and Koen Theys. Since 2022 Lisa Spilliaert has joined Escautville.
The organization supports, produces, distributes and promotes the audiovisual art projects of its founding artists. In addition, Escautville is also committed to a number of guest production for both emerging and established artists.
Escautville also acts as an organizer of small-scale events such as the six-day audiovisual program ‘Ten Slotte’ (organized in close collaboration with Het Bos and De Imagerie). With these events, Escautville wants to contribute to the continuous expansion of the debate on new forms of audiovisual representation.
Escautville is run by Ulrike Lindmayr and Vincent Stroep. Escautville is structurally supported by the Flemish government and with regard to the organization of specific events by the city of Antwerp.

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Projets présentés

Kastom Kopiraet

Kastom Kopiraet documents the fantastic journey of a tribal art object from the Louvre in Paris to his homeland of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Once arrived, Lengnangulong encounters the spirited villager Tarsissia, and together they explore notions of exoticism and the desire for authenticity in a globalised world.

Directed by Hugo DeBlock, Christina Stuhlberger, An Van. Dienderen / 75’ / Development / Production : Escautville / Budget: 120 000 € / Financing in place : 66 210 €


Cracking loudly, an icebreaker splits its way through Russian territorial waters. NSR takes us on a maritime road trip through an overwhelming Arctic landscape, the future of which is the subject of intense speculation. World economies could literally benefit from global warming and the permanent defrosting of this area. Is the Northern Sea Route a long-awaited shipping route in the making?

Directed by Wim Catrysse / 35’ / Development / Production : Escautville / Budget: 90 000 € / Financing in place: 5 700 € Partner: Munro Productions

La Merde

Luxembourgish visual artist Aline Bouvy looks at how humans deal with the abject. The protagonist of La Merde is an anthropomorphic excrement. We follow her in her daily existence: as a film history teacher, or after work performing stand-up routines. Underneath the first layer of this grotesque puppetry Bouvy tackles misogyny and xenophobia.

Directed by Aline Bouvy / 20’ / Development / Production : Escautville / Total budget: 60 000 € Financing in place: –