Konstantinos Vassilaros / StudioBauhaus

FOCUS 2020 / Grèce

Konstantinos Vassilaros

Producteur : StudioBauhaus

Konstantinos Vassilaros (né en 1985) a récemment terminé Zizotek de Vardis Marinakis sélectionné en première mondiale au sein de la compétition East of West de Karlovy Vary. Actuellement travaille sur Holy Emy (lauréat du CINELINK 2017) d’Araceli Lemos, en coproduction avec la France et les États-Unis. En financement pour Riviera, premier film d’Orfeas Peretzis, développé par Midpoint, présenté à Crossroads, et déjà soutenu par le fonds franco-grecque avec le coproducteur Alexandre Gavras. En développement pour le 3ème film d’Elina Psykou Patrimonial Fears & Other Symptoms, présenté au Co-Pro Market de la Berlinale, en coproduction avec Homemade Films, et Màrkos le premier film d’animation stop-motion de Thomas Künstler. Il a étudié la production cinématographique à NYFA (États-Unis), UCA (Royaume-Uni) et l’entrepreneuriat créatif et culturel (Goldsmiths). Il a commencé à travailler à l’étranger pour Slate Films, Breakthru Films d’Andrea Calderwood, puis est devenu producteur vidéo pour World Business de CNBC et pour l’Agence France-Presse avant de retourner en Grèce. Il est EAVE & Ties That Bind Alumni.


StudioBauhaus was established in 2014 with a goal to produce emotional, human behavior-oriented films, and audiovisual work with a rope into architecture, and art. Films at its heart, and commercial work to endure. Our editorial line organically grew into working with talent we genuinely like – both debut and established directors – through strong existential narratives, fully rounded characters, with a taste for magical realism and the supernatural. Key activities are feature art-house films aimed for the international market, shorts as a mean to develop relations, talent, and profile of directors, and gradually delving in animation production following the rewarding cooperation with the producers for the Oscar nominated animation Loving Vincent. Secondary activity includes artistic commercial work for galleries, cultural institutions, & tourism industry.



Feature film / Directed by Orfeas Peretzis / Financing / StudioBauhaus (Greece), KG Production (Greece) / Budget: 792 000 € / Financing in place: 109 500 €

A glamorous Athenian Riviera spot booming from its wealthy regulars is suddenly shaken by a shocking water ski accident. For Alkistis, now 17, not a single day has passed without worshiping her dad. The water-skier was her father. Apart from his ski legacy and trophies, Alkistis and her widowed mother Anna were left with the family hostel they have to look after. When Anna sells the villa everyone starts abandoning it. Alkistis tries hard to squeeze all her love for her father in boxes and convince Anna not to sell the villa. Alkistis spends one last night in the Athens Riviera. Despite the palm trees now dead, notwithstanding having a home, now that the end has come, she has nothing to lose.

Patrimonial Fears & Other Symptoms

Feature film / Directed by Elina Psykou / Development / StudioBauhaus (Greece), Neda Film (Greece), Achtung Panda! (Germany) / Budget 1 170 000 € / Financing in place: 32 500 €

Old man Dinos seeks company to go to Hawaii. Magician Lakis must contact David Copperfield before he comes to Greece for a show. Konstantinos, the Apostolic Church’s drummer, searches for his missing wife. Dinos is Lakis’ father. Lakis is Konstantinos’ father. They are chubby and afraid. Will their fears vanish along with Copperfield’s latest magic trick – making the Acropolis disappear?


Animation feature film /  Directed by Thomas Künstler / Development / StudioBauhaus (Greece) / Budget: 2 000 000 €/ Financing in place: 17 500 €

Port of Piraeus. Athens. 1920’s. Márkos, a young migrant from Syros Island, who works at the municipal slaughterhouse, lives in a poor house with his numerous family members. He is in love with Eléni, a beautiful woman of the same age. At the same time, Márkos is steeped into the new musical sounds brought in by refugees from Asia Minor – rebétiko – and the clandestine world it represents, taking the path of becoming the famous Márkos Vamvakáris, the patriarch of rebétiko.