Amanda Livanou / Neda Film

FOCUS 2020 / Grèce

Amanda Livanou

Productrice : Neda Film

Amanda Livanou est diplômée d’EAVE, d’EAVE +, de la série télévisée Midpoint, membre de l’EFA et diplômée du Sundance Institute. Elle a siégé au conseil d’administration de la Hellenic Film Academy d’octobre 2013 à décembre 2016.

Fondatrice et associée directrice, Amanda Livanou a produit et coproduit plus de 15 films au cours des 15 dernières années, dont Back Door de Yorgos Tsemberopoulos, Screamin ‘Jay Hawkins I put a Spell on Me de Nicholas Triantafyllidis, Arcadia Lost, un film  américain réalisée par Phedon Papamicahael, L de Babis Makridis et They Glow in the Dark de Panagiotis Evangelidis.

Neda Film

En 2018, Amanda et Neda Film ont cofondé le Festival international du film pour enfants d’Athènes. Le festival a tenu sa deuxième édition en novembre 2019 dans la salle de concert d’Athènes tandis que ses activités éducatives et ses programmes organisés dans d’autres villes grecques se déroulent tout au long de l’année. Parrainé par le géant local de la télévision payante Cosmote, Athicff est partenaire et organisateur du 2ème séminaire du Kids Kino Lab à Athènes en mars 2020, qui est soutenu par Creative Europe.



Feature film / Directed by Irini Karayannopoulou and Sandrine Cheyrol (aka Twin Automat) / Development / Neda Film (Greece) / Budget: 240 000 € / Financing in place: 0 €

Mount Athos is a peninsula situated in Northeastern Greece, the home of 20 Christian Orthodox monasteries and the largest area on earth where access is reserved to men alone. Female animals are banned too, except for cats, songbirds and insects. Throughout the film women discuss a place they have no access to and their ideas and points of view interconnect and take us all the way to the forbidden land. Since the female duo that directs Avaton is unable to visit the peninsula, they decide to reconstruct Athos by using material filmed anywhere but there, animations and reworked archival material.

Frugal Abundance

Feature film / Directed by Giorgos Savoglou and Frantzeska Romanou / Production/ Neda Film, Greek Film Center, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation ERT SA (Greece) / Budget: 58 000 euros/ Financing in place: 45 000 €

Having lived for the past 25 years in a makeshift cabin on the edge of a rock, 85-year-old Vangelis doesn’t need any “modern” amenities like electricity. He travels all year round on his bicycle and his daily activities follow the natural rhythm of the seasons of the year. Frugal Abundance is a snapshot from the life of a man who chose to live better with less.

Written & Directed by Giorgos Savoglou and Frantzeska Romanou. Produced by Neda Film.


Feature film / Directed by Christos Massalas / Production / Neda Film (Greece), Blue Monday Productions (France), Digital Cube (Romania) / Budget: 1 180 000 € / Financing in place: 0 €

Broadway tells the story of a group of young bandits in contemporary Athens. Nelly is a tomboy; Barbara is a boy on the run, dressed as a girl. Rudolph is a prankster and Mohammad is always there to save the day. The four of them collaborate, blending the art of dance with the art of pickpocketing. They live off petty thefts and have found refuge in “Broadway”, an abandoned entertainment arcade in Athens, where they have created their own utopia. But everything changes, when Markos, the original leader of the gang, returns from prison.