Katya Trichkova / Contrast Films – Argo Films

FOCUS 2019 / Sofia – Marseille

Katya Trichkova

Productrice : Contrast Films
Après une maîtrise en droit et en réalisation cinématographique, elle fonde et dirige Contrast Films, société de production de fictions et documentaires. Elle travaille également en tant que productrice indépendante pour d’autres sociétés bulgares, telles que Izograph des frères Chouchkov, Cineaste Maudit Productions et Argo Film, fondée par le réalisateur bulgare Stephan Komandarev (Le monde est grand et le salut guette, nominé aux Oscars 2010). Sa filmographie récente inclut Caini de Bogdan Mirica (Prix Fipresci Un certain regard Festival de Cannes), Le jugement
 de Stephan Komandarev et Chain de Eicke Bettinga.

Argo Films

Argo Film est une société de production cinématographique basée à Sofia. Elle a été fondée par Stephan Komandarev en 2001 pour la production de projets de longs métrages et de documentaires destinés aux marchés nationaux et internationaux. Elle produit des films s’appuyant sur des personnages forts et des histoires universelles, traitant de thèmes internationaux qui font appel à des valeurs communes et explorent les ponts entre les cultures.

Contrast Films

Contrast Films est une société de production basée à Sofia, en Bulgarie. Elle a été fondée par le
Katya Trichkova, productrice, dont l’objectif principal est de soutenir les auteurs dans la réalisation de leurs films.
La société se concentre sur le développement et la production de fictions et de documentaires.



Feature film • Directed by Petya Nakova • Post-production
Contrast films (Bulgaria) • Budget : 45 638 € • Financing in place : 20 000 €
As a hearing child of deaf parents, Tanya knows that in Bulgaria deaf people have limited possibilities. Therefore, she invested all her time, money and energy to create and maintain the only private rehabilitation center, where she helps deaf children to start hearing and talking. For many years, this was the “center” of her life and her family. When Tanya got ill and has to go for treatment abroad, her older daughter Kathy (20) has to take over the center. Will she manage to cope with all the challenges she has to face in the absence of her parents and to maintain the center?


Feature film • Directed by Stephan Komandarev • Post-production
Argo Film (Bulgaria), SEE Film Pro (Serbia) • Budget : 381 464 € • Financing in place : 100% Sofia, November 9th, 2019. Night. As the country prepares to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the regime change in Bulgaria, three police patrol cars roam the streets of the sleeping city. The police officers on their rounds take us on a journey through a society that is still looking for its purpose and identity after three decades of transition. These are scenes of survival and failure, of generosity dissolving into social cruelty and indifference. The elusive preservation of dignity seems to be the sole point of getting through the night.

Waterfall CEO

Feature film • Directed by Svetoslav Draganov • Production
Cineaste Maudit Production (Bulgaria), Contrast Film (Bulgaria), Parada film (Romania) • Budget : 604 916 € • Financing in plac e: 574 670 €
Vassil is a documentary film director. He puts all his energy into a long-term project – a film about the relationship between Avtonom, a monk, and his mother Lisa. Vassil is not happy with the final version of the film when he learns that Lisa will have to undergo a risky surgery. Vassil goes to the Monastery where he finds out that the monk suffers an emotional breakdown. At the hospital, while Lisa is undergoing the surgery, Avtonom shares with Vassil the reason for his emotional breakdown. Vassil faces a dilemma – to help his characters, or to keep filming them.