ARTE continues its collaboration with FIDMarseille to develop events that confirm the European network’s commitment to be a real cultural actor for the audience.

This year, Arte and FIDMarseille propose an Atelier Hors Champ (O -Camera Workshop) in association with FRAC PACA.

Eleven years ago, FIDMarseille decided, on Fabienne Moris’ initiative, to create a platform to boost coproduction: the FIDLab. Neither a market nor a fund, neither an information program nor a training camp, the FIDLab’s challenge is to select a certain number of film projects (about a dozen are selected
out of around 350 applications from around the world) and to arrange meetings between creators (directors, producers) and their potential international partners. The aim is first, to shine a light on these projects, and second, mainly, to contribute actively to their completion. Whether they are confirmed directors (like Wang Bing, for instance, who has di culty producing his films, regardless of his fame), or budding artists (like Clément Cogitore, who has now been awarded the Marcel Duchamp Prize and nominated to the César Awards, among other accolades, but who had just finished his studies when he was taken on the first FIDLab edition), the FIDLab is committed to scout new talents and to support projects of obvious relevance. The FIDLab follows two main principles. First, budgetary moderation: we are convinced that great films don’t necessary require colossal spending. Secondly, we don’t discriminate between film work and works of art: contemporary practices have demonstrated for years that such distinctions only show a blindness whose inanity should be denounced.

The work is challenging of course, since the films are still brewing and their outcome is obviously unpredictable. Yet, the FIDLab prides itself on noting a high proportion – rarely matched in similar structures – of films brought to completion, and even selected and awarded in great international events (Cannes, Locarno, Venice, Berlin, etc.), including the FID itself, which is glad to include each year in its competitions former FIDLab projects: for instance, Secunda Vez, by Spanish director Dora Garcia, a FIDLab 2015 project, which was awarded the Grand Prize in the international competition after its world premiere at FID 2018, and was later shown at the famous Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, and selected in about a hundred festivals around the world, in a still on-going round.  Jean-Marc Chapoulie and Nathalie Quitane’s project, initially titled Re : Re Méditerranée, as a nod to famous Méditerranéee by Jean- Daniel Polet, was selected as part of FIDLab 2017. With the support of Marseilles-based production company Baldanders Films (Elsa Minisini and Elisabeth Pawlowski), the project was completed two years later with the new title La Mer du milieu, and has been selected in the FID French competition this year.

During the individual meetings organized as part of the FIDLab after the creators present their projects, Pascal Neveux discovered this project and submitted it to the Acquisition Committee of the FRAC PACA. Besides, the head of La Lucarne Arte France, Rasha Salti, was also intrigued by its singular way, both serious and playful, to address the issue of the Mediterranean landscape, a landscape at once physical and political, and so she decided to join the coproduction, so that the film had better chances to be made.

Through that precise example, obviously linked to Marseilles, let us rejoice to see the opportune convergence of the interests of both the FID and the FRAC, and of contemporary art and today’s cinema. This complicity will be brought to light upon Arte’s Atelier Hors Champ (O -Screen Workshop), on the initiative of La Lucarne. Indeed, the finalized version of La Mer du milieu stresses the complementary outlooks and actions of the FID and the FRAC.

Jean-Pierre Rehm

Thursday, July 11 at 5pm at the FRAC

ATELIER HORS-CHAMP - Scouting in the Mediterranean

A live performance inspired by La Mer du milieu, a film by Jean-Marc Chapoulie, in collaboration with Nathalie Quintane with the support of La Lucarne ARTE.

My workshop is my desk, a table to place my computer, about 300 hours of rushes captured live by surveillance camera that film the Mediterranean. I only move the mouse, my palm, a finger. I am not making anything yet, I just make live screen captures, like a modern Lumière operator, observing goldfishes distorted by the glass of the aquarium. The bowl is like a magnifying glass, before which the audience can read within themselves. While I am shooting of La Mer du milieu before my computer screen for a year and a half, I am also location scouting. I take notes, I fill my travel diary, I write the script, I listen to background music, I read, I sleep, I observe, all the while thinking that I must not forget what I saw, that I should write it down in the notebook, I should talk about it so that it lives on and becomes more precise, the figure of the birds, the boats, the rolling suitcases, that move across the frame, like a battlefield, for tourism, for business, etc. The daily life of an Internet operator is that of a pedestrian 2.0.

Jean-Marc Chapoulie

Like a video epistolary correspondence, with live mixing of hitherto unseen rushes of the film, ATELIER HORS-CHAMP, an event initiated by ARTE about the projects of La Lucarne, will propose, in partnership with FIDMarseille and FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, to discover with the audience, potential journeys around a film.