Histoire(s) de Portrait

Parallels Screens

Heterogeneous by nature, this programme brings together portraits, in other words the use of cinematic art to make people see and hear, like no other does, the joint between a voice and movements, between a body and phrasing, between a setting and stories. It is both the lowest degree of cinema (we precisely remember Number Zero by Eustache who made his grandmother speak) and an ambitious mission of archiving, of testimony. Because the point is not to hope to clarify anything, “to keep on file” anyone, “to grasp” and gather by force what does not cease to unravel like fireworks behind a name.

On the contrary, the point is to allow the enigma to be thicker, more mysterious, more fascinating. The point is to make it possible for us to become an accomplice with no familiarity with the others, what is remote, distant and unknown. The point is, as Nietzsche put it, to show exercises of admiration. (J.P.R)