Cinema without recipes

Parallels Screens

As part of Marseille Provence Gastronomie 2019

“In the staging of a good meal, there is more than the exercise of a worldly code, even if that code has a venerable historical origin: around the table prowls a vague scopic pulsion: we observe (watch out for?) in the Other the effects of food”, Roland Barthes wrote, commenting on the famous book, The Physiology of Taste by Brillat-Savarin. Eating, seeing, seeing eat, feeding oneself by seeing: countless potential variations can actually be combined, a patchwork of situations that the film industry, ever since the Lumière Brothers and their Baby’s Dinner, has obviously captured. From sti upper lip to cannibalism, from anorexia to the sin of gluttony, from our proud French gastronomy to worldwide delicacies, from custom to inventions: that is how “feeding”, from necessity to refinement of delights, is far from just being decorative in films. And cinema is also necessarily far from being just a recording tool, and once put to pieces in turn, with no recipe decided in advance. (J.P.R.)

In 2019, FIDMarseille is part of Marseille Provence Gastronomie 2019, o ering two kinds of events:

— Parallel Screens “Cinema without recipes”

— In autumn (September, October and November 2019): several CinéFID screenings will also include films in keeping with this theme as well as culinary and party extensions on site, in partnership with La Baleine and/or Cinéma les Variétés (Marseille), l’Institut de l’Image (Aix-en- Provence) or le Méjean (Arles) and Cinéma Jean Renoir (Martigues).