Director : Dora GARCIA
Country : Belgium – Spain

Production company: Auguste Orts
Producer: Marie Logie

Genre : Documentary
Length : 60′
Project state : Development
Budget : 77 100 €
Acquired : 22 800 €

Auguste Orts
(filmographie sélective)
-BLACK / Anouk De Clercq / 2015 / 5’
-BEAUTY AND THE RIGHT TO THE UGLY/ Wendelien Van Oldenborgh / 2014 / 56’
-SEQUENZA / Manon De Boer & George Van Dam / 2014 / 14’
-THIS WAS BEFORE/ Herman Asselberghs / 2014 / 28’
-DAS HAUS / Aglaia Konrad / 2014 / 22’
-THE JOYCEAN SOCIETY / Dora García / 2013 / 53’
-THINK / Anouk De Clercq / 2013 / 17’
– SPECTRES / Sven Augustijnen / 2011 / 104’

Segunda vez: a film essay around the figure of Oscar Masotta. A human crossroad, that was the very talented Oscar Masotta (Buenos Aires, 1930- Barcelona, 1979); a character that brings together literature, art, politics and psychoanalysis, in a fundamental moment in time, on the eve of the state terrorism in Argentina (1976). Masotta was a paradox: a Marxist disliked by the communist party; a literature and art critic forever struggling between engaged art and formal innovation, leading the Torcuato Di Tella introduction of conceptual art; and the pioneer of Lacanian psychoanalysis in the Spanish speaking world. The film consists of the reconstruction of some of the most representative happenings by Masotta, such as El Helicóptero, Para inducir al espíritu de la imagen, or El mensaje fantasma. A second important narrative element is Julio Cortázar’s short story Segunda vez (1977), introducing the notions of suspended time, disappearance, and terror. A third narrative element is brought on by the idea that “only a book can change reality” as in Museo de la novela de la Eterna (1967) by Macedonio Fernández. Dora Garcia