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Aude Fourel

Algerian revolution songs is the title of a record secretly published in Italy, in 1961. Singing the revolution, cutting the songs in vinyl, back then meant supporting the ongoing struggle but also, by recording it in the melody, preparing its memory to come. But only if someone later on plays the record. It is the task undertaken by a film which, about sixty years after the events, picks up where the record left off, continues and carries out the memorial part of its work. The integrity
and relevance of Pourquoi la mer rit-elle ? rely on a form that, through its subtle, intuitive, non-systematic use of desynchronization between sound and image, is in harmony with the fragility of memory, embodies it’s the worn-out fabric, torn by time, by sixty years of uncertain resistance to forgetfulness. In order to collect the memories and songs, Aude Fourel travelled through France and Italy before crossing the sea towards Tunisia and Algeria. Voice editing, fragmented stories and snippets of songs standing out on a silent background, recount the underground channels of fighting solidarities, on both sides of the Mediterranean. The image weaves the memory material while undermining the chronological linearity of history: visions of today and yesterday intertwine without contradiction, the alternation of colour and black and white blurs the division between periods instead of trying to emphasize it. The discrepancy between sound and image makes the silent faces speak and sing, in a time quiver. And when, just for a few seconds, synchronisation happens on the lips of an old woman, the memory-less energy of singing and revolution suddenly emerges. (C.N.)

  • First Film Competition

Technical sheet

France / 2019 / Color and Black & White / 59'

Original version : French, Italian, Arabic. Subtitles: French. Script: Aude Fourel. Image: Aude Fourel, Dhia Jerbi. Editing: Aude Fourel, Eric Pellet. Sound: Thomas Fourel.

Production: Aude Fourel, Actarus.

Distribution: Aude Fourel.
Filmography: ST3, 2014. Attraversare Roma, 2013. ST2, 2012. ST1, 2011.