Ostinato, notes pour la Méditerranée

Anne-Marie Faux

From past to present, from rage to love: in the mist floating over the Mediterranean, emotions trade places playfully, from one memory to the next. Anne-Marie Faux’s film is a poem without an origin, except that of words themselves,echoed back from Granada to Montfermeil, via the Kabylia mountains. In front of a sea that is sometimes nearby, but often so far away, Ostinato runs the risk of a break-up, regardless of silence and imprisonment. “When war is over, put your hand on my forehead for a while to give me courage.” (V.P.)

Technical sheet


France, 2017, Colour, 8 mm, HD, Dolby Stéréo (SR) Cellular phone 67’
Original version : french, arabic, spanish, italian, corsican.
Subtitles : english.
Script : Baroudi Anma.
Photography : Kessi Tahar.
Editing : Kessi Tahar, Serre Margaux.
Sound : Wysocki Jules.

Production : Nathalie Tra ord (Paraiso Production).
Distribution : (Paraiso Production).

Filmography :
Le bruit du temps, Messaoud, 2014
– Et que l’espérance est violente, 2011
Face au vent, partition buissonnière, 2010
Hic rosa, partition botanique, 2008
– Maurice Pialat, l’amour existe (co-réalisé avec Jean-Pierre Devillers), 2007
– Renoir(s), en suivant les fils de l’eau (co-réalisé avec Jean-Pierre Devillers), 2005.