Travis Wilkerson

Once again, Travis Wilkerson (take a look at the credits) has worked (almost) by himself on his last film. Using the quest for a lost love as an excuse, this extremely generous film casts a wide net over History, from Maïakovsky to a certain L. Schapiro, from Bonnie & Clyde to Ulrike Meinhof, from the 1871 Paris Commune to the here and now. Despite its stunning economy of means, this playful and ironical film with a beautiful soundtrack always remains elegant. (VP)(VP)

Technical sheet


USA, 2015, Colour, Mixed Media, Dolby, Stéréo, 71’

Original version : english.
Script : Travis Wilkerson.
Photography, editing, sound : Travis Wilkerson.
Casting : Travis Wilkerson.

Production : Travis Wilkerson

Filmography : Los Angeles Red Squad: The Communist Situation in California, 2013, Far From Afghanistan, 2012, Distinguished Flying Cross, 2011, Who Killed Cock Robin?, 2005, An Injury to One, 2002