Le Point Zéro

Axelle Poisson

In Le Point Zéro, filmmaker Axelle Poisson goes to meet artist Olivier Mosset. Mosset is the M in the BMPT movement, with the B standing for Buren. Only the film takes a long winding road, leading to an odd encounter. From one place to the next, and from one dancer to the next (including classical dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot and contemporary dancer Mathilde Monnier), the film makes its slow way towards Mosset, through a series of improvised choreographies in strange rurban settings.

Technical sheet


France, 2015, Colour, HD, Dolby, Digital, 60’

Original version : french
Photography: Agnès Godard
Editing: Axelle Poisson
Sound: Bruno Ehlinger
Production: Anna Sanders Films

Olivier Mosset
Mathilde Monnier
Dorothée Smith
Marie Agnès Gillot
Aurélia Thierrée
Florence Thomassin
Jann Gallois