In some abandoned Casablanca fun park, Randa Maroufi’s camera wanders and takes some youths by surprise : they are clustered together, in action and yet unmoving. A machete that does not fall. Life scenes that are recomposed and as though contaminated by some virus spreading on social networks. Among the ruins, outside of the authorities’ gaze, these youths construct their own mise en scène and dream of but one thing: to be seen. (VP)

Technical sheet


France, 2015, Colour, HD, 14’

Original version : arabic, french.
Subtitles : french & english.
Script, editing, sound : Randa Maroufi.
Photography : Luca Coassin.
Casting: Les jeunes du Parc Yasmina.

Production :
Eric Prigent (Le Fresnoy).
Distribution : Natalia Trebik (Le Fresnoy).

Filmography : La Grande Safae, 2014, Abi Laâziz, 2013