Director : Gastón SOLNICKI
Country : Argentina

Production company : Filmy Wiktora
Producer : 
Paula Zyngierman, Marion Klotz

Genre : Fiction
Length : 90′

Project state : Development
Budget : 450 000 €
Acquired budget : 78 000 €

Filmy Wiktora
-PAPIROSEN / Gastón Solnicki / 2011 / 74’
-AARDVARK/ Kitao Sakurai / 2010 / 80’
-SÜDEN/ Gastón Solnicki / 2008 / 67’

Judith, an attractive young woman in her early twenties, spends the summer vacation with her family in Uruguay’s luxurious sea side resort Punta del Este. Friendless afternoons by the swimming pool, wasted days in a landscape where postmodernity meets science fiction, lost in an architecture of angst. She decides to return to her hometown Buenos Aires, hoping that she will have a daily life and a work that could relieve her from her feelings of alienation and loneliness. She starts to take courses at university and has a part time job in an ice cream shop. The following winter finds her working at the exclusive ski resort of Las Leñas, where Judith crosses paths again with Paula, Michele and Lara from Punta del Este. Young women at different stages of their lives. They are all trying to get away from those places of superficial comfort and false security. And at a certain point they will be ready to make a critical decision.Gastón Solnicki