Director : Fanny ZAMAN
Country : Belgium

Genre : Documentary
Length : 40’

Project state : Development
Budget : 48 036 €
Acquired budget : 38 000 €

Following the direct ion of a film about the coffee market in Addis Abeba and a portrait of a trader philosophizing about his working practices, I decided to go further by working on the acceleration and the growing abstraction from trade to data. The third part of this trilogy lets us observe the algorithmic trading and those who work on it. This movie will focus on relations between reality and representations taking place in this sector of finance where a world of contradictions emerges. The plan of the film : the image, the text and the soundtrack of the movie follow their own logic. The scene of high technology finance is transparent, made of glass. The speech becomes esoteric, made of technical words. While a woman’s voice explains the algorithmic trading mixing her personal viewpoint, the viewer drifts at the mercy of the images and the associations of ideas. In the end nothing is explained and we remain outside looking inside.Fanny Zaman