Caroline Caccavale

Joseph Cesarini 

Anima tells the story of how persons who are either free or inmates -young, adults and elderly people- speak the brotherhood of the world, the empathic and conscious necessity of being together, and also of making together in order to mend the living world connecting us.
Anima is the breath of life being reborn in alterity, in the unknown that this Other embodies, both strange and yet close. To invent, to imagine and to build together some sounds, movements, texts and images in order to share this common time made up of desires, dreams and tossed about realities.In this film, the connection to archive footage is at the heart of the meeting process. It is rooted in topicality, beyond any historical perspective.
The film brings back an archival material which emancipates itself from a context in order to create another movement, a fiction, a narrative, a potential new landscape. History -our histories- as interspersed by the inside and the outside world.
Caroline Caccavale

Technical sheet


France, 2016, Colour, HD, Dolby Digital, 88’

Original version : french, italian, arabic, english, bambara.
Subtitles : french.
Photography : Joseph Cesarini.
Editing : Joseph Cesarini, Caroline Caccavale, Pascal Rehnolt.
Sound : Joseph Cesarini, Lucien Bertolina.
Casting : Hamza, Odette, Aline, Mohamed, Moussa, Karim, Ahmed, Alvin, Ramzi, Bory, Christophe, Maxime, Corinne, Jean, Marco, Hedi, Aurore, Safaa, Zakaria, Jorge, Kamel, Manuel, Chantal, Kwamé, Kadra, N’Vamba, Christina, Simonne, N’Famara, Sacha, Cadija, Nabil, Aboubakar, Jean-David, Jean-Pierre, Rachid, Driss, Khalid, Anouk, Pascal, Andrea, Anne, Aurora, Chloé, Dimitri, Florence, Filip, Guro, Julian, Julie, Lola, Marine, Marion, Paul, Phemie, Ali, Roxanne, Clara, Wenche, Donia, Stéphane.

Production : Caroline Caccavale (LIEUX FICTIFS).

Filmography : Ce qui nous arrive, 2010 (CC), Les enfants du parc Atfal Al-Hadika, 2006 (CC), L’Epreuve du vide, 2002 (CC), Le passage du vent, 1996 (CC), Paroles sur images, 2009 (JG), 9m2 pour deux, 2005 (JG), Les cousins de Barbaggio, 2001 (JG), La vraie vie, documentaire, 2000 (JG)