Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe


Genre : Fiction
Length : 90’

Project status : Development
Budget : 2 128 470 €
Acquired budget : 345 470 €
Shooting country : Spain

First Feature Film

San Sebastian, 1978. End of the Franco era, and the time of transition to democracy in Spain. A committee of young factory workers unsuccessfully tries to call for a strike. The unions have negotiated a metal workers’ agreement, which the committee rejects, but finally, the majority of the workers support the agreement, which is more conservative than the ideals pushed by the committee.

Disappointed, the most radical ones leave the factory and join an isolated commune in the mountains: Anekumen. There, many people live together and experiment with new forms of spirituality, exploring life in a community through relationships that go beyond traditional parameters. However, there are contradictions that are difficult to reconcile with the ideal being pursued.

Note of intention

I was born in the late 80s. In my mind’s eye, central to that decade in the Basque Country was the skeleton of dismantled industry, heroin and armed struggle as a distorted echo of the working class struggles. My intention with this film is to take a critical look back at that historical period.

Anekumen approaches this historical period focusing on the workers’ movement in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa and the spiritual communities that emerged in the area in the heat of the social movements of the 70s. In doing so, I intend to reflect on the notion of collectivity, emphasising the political dimension of the personal and the intimate.

My interest in these issues was born out of conversations with my parents, militants of the workers movement and members of the Arco Iris community, where they lived not long before I was born. Themes as diverse as sexual liberation, love relationships, ecology, spirituality, economy, were dealt with urgently and fervently, in a community that represented a kind of sublimation of the deep yearnings and desires of the young people of that time. However, the aspirations for radical transformation clashed with deep contradictions, and the mystic aspirations ran counter to the material needs of the community.


Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe


Contadores / 2023 / 19′
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Unicornio / 2021 / 18′
Euritan / 2017 / 20′
Pasaia bitartean / codirected by Arantza Santesteban / 2016 / 51′


Production : Apellaniz y de Sosa SL (Spain)
Producers : Leire Apellaniz, Claudia Salcedo, Carmen Lacasa

Selective filmography

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