FIDLab 2022 Palmares

FIDLab 2022

The 14th edition of FIDLab took place on July 7th and 8th.
Out of more than 415 international applications. FIDMarseille’s international co-production platform, FIDLab, selected 11 projects from 9 countries: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Romania, the Netherlands, and the United States.
Since its creation, FIDLab has offered selected projects a privileged opportunity for visibility, meetings and industry commitments. Every year, producers, distributors, funders, international sales agents, and programmers are invited to discover FIDLab projects and to make contact with chosen directors and producers.
Bruno Deloye (Director of Cine+ Classic & Club), Virginie Devesa (CEO of Alpha Violet international sales) and Tania El Khoury (Producer at Les films de l’Altaï and Khamsin Films) are the jury for this 14th edition.
Thanks to their insights and commitment, 11 in-kind prizes, provided by longtime FIDLab partners, are awarded to winning projects, offering valuable, high quality technical and logistical resources.

Air France prize

The Air France prize goes to :

by Lucy Kerr, produced by Insufficient Funds, NSF / United States

The laureate will receive 1 long-haul flight ticket from Air France.

Casa de Velázquez / ECAM prize

The Casa de Velázquez / ECAM prize goes to :

by Isabel Pagliai, produced by 5A7 Films / France

La Casa de Velázquez, a center for artistic creation and research based in Madrid, will offer a two-month residency to the award-winning director. ECAM, the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid, will make its post-production equipment available to the winner as part of its OPEN ECAM program.

Commune Image prize

The Commune Image prize goes to :

by Kyoshi Sugita, produced by Longride / Japan

This prize is offered by Commune Image, a cinematographic pole offering post-production services, among others. This prize consists of 8 weeks of editing for a project.

Culori prize

The Culori prize goes to :

by Joshua Bonnetta, produced by Acephale Inc / Canada

This new award endowed by Culori to an european project, post-production laboratory, will offer a residence in South Corsica for a maximum of 15 days, to carry out color grading work on a 4K monitor with (or without) dedicated technician

Camargo Foundation prize

The Camargo Foundation prize goes to :

by Óscar Vincentelli, produced by Lejos Lejos / Spain – Sumendi / Spain

The Camargo Foundation, which offers residencies in Cassis for international artists, scholars and thinkers, based in Cassis, will welcome the awarded director for 4 to 8 weeks.

Kodak-Silverway prize

The Kodak-Silverway prize goes to :

by Declan Clarke

This prize includes celluloid reels offered by Kodak, and development services from Silverway Paris, to be awarded to a European project.

Mactari prize

The Mactari prize goes to :

by Kiyé Simon Luang, produced by Shellac Sud / France

This prize will be provided by the sound post-production studio MACTARI to a project produced or coproduced by an european company. This prize worth € 15,000 includes the provision of a mixing auditorium and / or a sound editing room, without a technician.

Micro Climat Studios prize

The Micro Climat Studios prize goes to :

by Cristi Puiu, produced by Mandragora / Romania

Prize awarded by the post-production company Micro Climat, which will offer post-production services (image editing, sound editing, calibration, conformation, to be chosen by the laureate) to a project produced or coproduced by an european company.

Providenza prize

The Providenza prize goes to :

by Mira Adoumier, produced by Muyi Film / The Netherlands

This new award offers a writing residency for a month in Corsica on the Providenza field in the presence of international artists in residence or workshops (artists, philosophers, musicians, filmmakers, writers).

Sublimages prize

The Sublimages prize goes to :

by Maureen Fazendeiro, produced by Norte Productions / France – O Som e a Fúria / Portugal

The subtitling company Sublimages endows the prize winning project with the translation of subtitles into English, French or Spanish, as well as their adaptation and localization

Vidéo de Poche prize

The Vidéo de Poche prize goes to :

by Amina Maher, produced by Schuldenberg Films / Germany – Rmad / Germany

Color grading (7 days of studio without technician) and creation of DCP. Special rates for the creation of DCP to all the selected projects.

Doc Alliance prize

The Doc Alliance prize goes to :

by Maureen Fazendeiro, produced by Norte Productions / France – O Som e a Fúria / Portugal

An in-kind package of distribution worth €5000 will be awarded to the project of a first or second time filmmaker. Covers a full release on DAFilms (including Americas, Europe, Asia), the VOD platform of Doc Alliance, for two years.

Nebulae / Doclisboa prize

The Nebulae/Doc Lisboa prize goes to :

by Kiyé Simon Luang, produced by Shellac Sud / France

The industry-oriented project and networking space at Doclisboa will invite a French project to be part of their 2022 selection.

FIDLab is supported by the CNC, The City of Marseille, Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, The General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône, The Ministry of Culture and Communication, SCAM, PROCIREP, et la SCELF.