Film registration


General informations

Film registration for the 32nd FIDMarseille edition is open for all films produced in 2020 and in 2021.

All films produced after January 1, 2020 are eligible.
Before submitting your film, please read the instructions below.
For any questions about registration, please write to

The festival receives each year almost 3000 films for the selection. These figures are constantly growing. We thank all the directors and producers who trust us by sending their films to the FIDMarseille selection.

In order to give the best care to the films and to improve our selection process, submissions are now charged with a fee.
Two forms are available :

  • One for shorts (under 60 minutes), whose fee is 20€
  • One for feature (equal or more than 60 minutes), whose fee is 40€

Please note that the length of the film does not concern the selection but only the submission.

User account


The FID continues this year, the process allowing people to register a film, a FIDLab project or for an accreditation.
Two options are available to you :

If you have, since 2014, registered a film, a FIDLab project or if you have asked for an accreditation, please read the instuctions below and register your film using your user account.

You can from this page  :

  • Receive by mail your password if you have forgotten it
  • Update your professional informations
  • Register your film(s)

–  If you have not, since 2014, registered a film, a FIDLab project or if you have not asked for an accreditation, you will be redirected to a website ( Eventival ) which allows you to manage your business information and your relationship with the festival. All information contained on this site are property of FIDMarseille and will under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties.

At first, you must register by creating a user account with your email address and password. This account allows you to establish a secure connection to each visit. A message will be sent to the email address you used to create the account in order to validate it.

You can then connect to your Visitor Page with your username and fill in your personal profile and contact informations. If you have a Cinando account, you can log in to Cinando, and import the data from your Cinando profile in your Eventival profile.
→ Your personal profile contains basic information about you.
→ The Contact information allows you fill in your business and personal contacts. If you belong to a company, please try to find if your company is already part of the FID database.

After this step, you can access to the film registration.

Film registration

When you are connected to your EVENTIVAL account

  • You can choose your language from the menu at the top left of the window..
  • You have access to the registration form for feature films or short films on the home page of the site or via the menu in the left column.

– In order to successfully complete the registration of your film, thank you for completing all the mandatory fields of the form that will follow, they are marked with a red asterisk.

– PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS NO MORE MANDATORY TO SEND US A DVD COPY OF YOUR FILM FOR YOUR FILM REGISTRATION (If required by the selection manager, copy must be sent at the sender’s charge).
IT IS THEREFOR MADATORY to complete the field “MATERIAL / Film – link ans password” in the registration form.
If you do not have a link available and want to send us a viewing support (DVD, USB key, Blu-ray), please notify in the “MATERIAL / Film – link and password” field: “no link available, I will send a viewing support “and send it before the registration deadline at the following address:
Programmation / FIDMarseille
14, allée Léon Gambetta
13001 Marseille

For an express shipment, please mention “without commercial value, for cultural purposes only”
Please note that the viewing supports are not sent back by the festival


– At the end of the submission form you can choose between saving the film informations or submitting the film.

  • By clicking on the “SAVE CHANGES” button you will be able to modify the submission form before submitting it definitely.

  • Clicking on “SUBMIT” means that your registration is final. You will not have the possibility to change any informations thereafter.


The payment process will be available once your film is submitted. You will then be able to pay

  • by paypal
  • by credit card via payline.


After the final registration of your film, you will receive a confirmation message on the mailbox filled in during the creation of your Personal Profile. You will find in it your registration number, to be mentionned in all contact with the festival team.