Special screenings

2022 Programme

Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

The South Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region supports and accompanies cinematic and audiovisual creation and production through several funds for writing, development and production.
Within the framework of this action and the support offered by the South Region to FIDMarseille, the following film will be presented in the presence of the film’s team (director, actors, producers, partners).


Albert Serra High commissioner De Roller, who represents the French government in French Polynesia, tries to make his way through the forces involved, in a wild, political-fiction version of...

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Albert Serra en libertés ! 2022

Casa de Velázquez


Within the framework of the partnership between Casa de Velázquez in Madrid and FIDMarseille, a special screening is dedicated to the filmmaker Alberto Martín Menacho.
We’re offering a work-in-progress session, starting from his short film Mi Amado, las montañas.

His work focuses on a specific territory, a region in Spain where he grew up and that he wants to dissect and re- mythologize: Extremadura. Beyond those territorial aspects, Alberto Martín Menacho explores the theme of youth for this first feature, currently in development: Antier noche. An ensemble cast movie, from winter to summer, whose action takes place during the last months of a greyhound’s life. On this background appears the story of four young adults, between heritage and division, leading to a reflexion on what builds us as individuals, what we keep or leave behind.
Recently returned from a first phase of shooting, Alberto Martín Menacho will share with us a selection of the first sequences he shot.


Alberto Martín Menacho A village and its mountainous lands, in which legends and green oak trees cohabit. From life to death, childhood to adulthood. A cycle that starts with the vultures and...

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Special Screenings 2022

Centre national des arts plastiques / Cinéma du Réel

This screening is organized within the frame of the partnership between CNAP, Cinéma du Réel and FIDMarseille. We’ll screen the CNAP award-winning films from Cinéma du Réel’s last edition.
The CNAP – Loridan-Ivens Prize of the 44th edition of Cinéma du Réel will be presented during FIDMarseille’s next edition.


Audrey Ginestet Manon has been a defendant in the Tarnac case for 10 years, accused with eight other people of participating in an act of terrorism by sabotaging high-speed lines in France. As their...

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Special Screenings 2022

SCAM - Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédia


In the frame of the partnership between FIDMarseille and SCAM, we’re organizing a special screening around Françoise Romand.
In 2020, she received the 2020 Charles Brabant Award from SCAM for her entire body of work.
In presence of Françoise Romand


Françoise Romand In a small village in France, a 55-year-old married man and communist activist starts a gender transition process with the help of his/ her wife. Shot in 1986, Françoise...

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Special Screenings 2022

The IDEM Collective / Identities - Diversities - Equalities - Mediterranean

FIDMarseille renews its partnership with the IDEM collective, that organizes, coordinates and supports events related to the promotion of human rights and fundamental liberties as to sexual orientation and gender identity, and the rejection of all kinds of discrimination, on the Marseille-PACA area.


João Pedro Rodrigues On his deathbed, his royal highness Alfredo, King without a crown, is taken back to distant youth memories and the time he dreamt of becoming a fireman. The encounter with...

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Special Screenings 2022



Centre international de poésie Marseille aims to be a reference institution at the service of contemporary poetry. CipM’s action is based on a programming of multiple activities throughout the year, and on a venue that is the home and heart of its actions and library. This programming gives priority to the intervention of the authors themselves and thus to a voice, a body, a living perception of their practices.

In the presence of Jacques Kebadian


Jacques Kebadian Pierre Guyotat at home, between 2002 and 2009: scenes from a writer’s life. First he organises his library : each book is an occasion for comments, reminiscences, questionnings....

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Other gems 2022

Doc Alliance

FIDMarseille is a member of the Doc Alliance association, a partnership between seven European festivals.


Doc Alliance’s aim is to support directors and producers in broadcasting their films to the public. The goal of Doc Alliance is to boost and promote the diversity of films screened in these seven festivals and to share them with as many people as possible via two initiatives: Doc Alliance Selection and the Video-on-Demand portal dafilms.fr.

DocAlliance is also a dynamic SVOD (subscription video- on-demand) platform offering an alternative circulation for films that often struggle to break into the market.
The portal currently offers permanent access to almost 1000 movies. For more information and to see the entire film catalogue, please visit: www.dafilms.com
In early July, FIDMarseille will be presenting a selection of films from previous editions on the platform, available on the www.dafilms.com site.