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2022 Programme

BELLE & TOILE - Projection Plein Air

FIDMarseille,  cinéma Le Gyptis and la Friche la Belle de Mai in collaboration with Hip-Hop Non Stop festival with the complicity of Trakadom, are pleased to present:


Yohan Malka
France / 2022 / 70’
With the film’s director and team

« I want to give strength to all the people who are sick. Ma life, it’s sound and without remission. »
Pone is a legend of the music industry. Producer of the Fonky Family, he’s part of the happy few of French rap music. For BrutX, he accepts to tell his story, also marked by illness.
For 6 years, Pone has been entirely paralyzed by the Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease. But from his bed, he keeps living from his passion: to make music.

Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

20 Boulevard de Dunkerque, 13002 Marseille

Article 15 by Marie Reinert (CNAP Special Mention, FID 2021), recently aquired by CNAP, will be presented and followed by a Q&A with director Marie Reinert on July 7 at 6:30pm..

July 6-10
FRAC – Plateau Atelier

Fireworks by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Grand Prix of Honor, FID 2021), recently aquired by FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur will be presented.

June 25-September 25
FRAC – Plateau Performatif

Studio Fotokino

33 Allée Léon Gambetta, 13001 Marseille

In the occasion of Printemps de l’art contemporain, « Un drawing made with stones » explores the relationship between drawing and volume through the work of four artists:

Wednesday – Sunday
2pm – 6:30pm
May 26 – July 24

Yto Barrada photographs sewing exercises by Moroccan women, through which she brings together the history of art and contemporary social issues.

Femke Dekkers explores the tension between architecture and pictorial illusions in order to invent free spaces where sculpture and painting can intertwine.

Adrien Vescovi composes paintings with textiles shaped by air, earth and fire. His sewing technique is a way of painting.

Elvira Voynarovska assembles fragments of broken ceramics, replays their form and their past in new terracotta constellations.

All of them, in their own way, involve in drawing in an exploration of its materiality. They’re drawing with stones.

Carte blanche to FID - Festival Phare

Théâtre antique d’Arles

Théâtre antique d’Arles – 7th edition
July 26 – 28

2 films from this year’s edition will be screened in the Festival Phare’s programme.


55 Cours Julien, 13006 Marseille

Car Crash Accident, Ben Saint-Maxent

Opening on July 6 at 6pm

July 6-13t

SOMA is an hybrid art venue with a mission of welcoming artists in residency. A program is organized around their stay (exhibitions, conferences, concerts, workshops), in collaboration with the artist. The program thus echoes with all of his or her work.

Poet and video artist Ben Saint-Maxent lives and works in Marseille. Since his graduation grom Villa Arson, he focuses his research on the questions of nostalgia for life in the countryside, archive images and the experience of nature. Upstairs is where the people who stay gather around the news. Below is a universe created around the accident. At the top is the « Friends » installation with around thirty flowery shoes on a pedestal, arranged in the space around an outdoor electric box, placed in the middle. On the wall, in a corner, you’ll find the two texts of « Friends » and « Pulsion x4 ». The light is natural. Text acts as a script for the installation that unfolds in space and makes us get into the movie. At the bottom is the Car Crash Accident installation that presents the film of the same name, produced for the occasion. The installation presents the carcass of a car where the two front headlights are replaced by two film projector. The film is therefore projected on two screens, with a format created for the installation, and has a single sound source.

Centre Photographique Marseille - CPM

2 rue Vincent Leblanc 13002 Marseille

until September 10
Wednesday – Saturday / 2pm – 7pm

For this Lumière Passion, Thomas Mailaender coats, exposes, cuts, glues, draws, connects, projects, dives, recycles and also destroys. Here we are, immersed in the heart of an image factory, right in the middle of the Marseille Photographic Center, which runs full time and at full speed. It is here that the whole creative process is put at stake and before our very eyes, its materials, its objects. A joyous bazaar organized by the artist, named after one of these photographic shops of 30-year post-war boom, the “glorious thirty”: Lumière Passion.

All things considered, it should feel like a carnival, the risky bedroom of a budding chemist or the teeming garage of an amateur mechanic. We will see the happy stigmata of ceremonial work, based on variable protocols, which will have made it possible to make books and monumental cyanotypes directly on the walls. Known for his use of a wide range of mediums, including ceramics, cyanotype, photography and collage, Thomas Mailaender (born in Marseille in 1979) often incorporates images and lost objects in his works, bringing back obsolete photographic processes up to date, as a perfect all-rounder and archaeologist of the present time.

La Fabulerie

10 Boulevard Garibaldi 13001 Marseille


Véronique Aubouy
France / 2022 / 5′
Since October 1993, several hundred people have taken turns in front of Véronique Aubouy’s camera to read two or three pages each from Marcel Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu. The resulting film, Proust lu, with the duration of 145 hours and 57 minutes, features over 1,500 readers.

Albert Serra is the 1376th reader. His reading of an excerpt from Albertine disparue was recorded in November 2021 at the cinema La Baleine, in Marseille. It will be presented in a loop from the 6th to the 11th of July at the Fabulerie.