Adriana Vila Guevara
World Premiere


Venezuela, Spain
HD, Dolby SRD
Mixed Media, Stéréo

Original version : spanish, english. Subtitles : english. Script : Adriana Vila Guevara.
Photography : Gérard Uzcategui. Editing : Diana Toucedo. Sound : Gustavo Gonzalez, Gabriel Delgado. Casting : Belén Palacios.
Production and
distribution : Crater Producciones, Secuencia Cero Films. Filmography : Seward Back Then, 2015, 3QUINOX, 2013, Red Over The Right Eye, 2013, And Then The Night, 2012, Reels and Lights, 2011, Tejido Conectivo, 2010

The impossible portrait of a woman indifferent to her own extraordinariness becomes a collective venture between many friends and relatives of Belén María Palacios, La Reina del Quitiplá. The mixing gives their words a polyvocal aspect. The sound of the quitiplá, a rudimentary and little known instrument from Venezuela, preserves the efficiency and virtuosity of her performance. By unveiling the tricks of the shooting, by exposing the multiplicity of its sources, the film sheds light on its protagonist while sharing a collective tribute. (GG)
FaLang translation system by Faboba